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Rules for the hotel services and stay LTСHotel "Lotos”


1. These Rules govern the relationship between the hotel and guests of the hotel "Lotos".

2. The hotel "Lotos" provides services in providing numbers (places in the rooms) for temporary accommodation of Guests within the term agreed with the hotel administration and designed in accordance with these Rules.

3. The mode of operation of LTC "Lotos" – day and night.

4. Booking of places in hotel is made by the administration of contracts, and by adopting the established form of application by mail and electronic communications, as well as by direct appeals to the administration. Booking of the room (space) is made within 24 hours of receipt of the application under availability. When booking the accommodation or in the free settlement Guest chooses a room category, and the right to choose the specific numbers belonging to this category is the administration of.

In the application for booking of the rooms (space) specifies contact information for, number of guests, the names and citizenship of guests; date and time of arrival, departure, number of rooms, type of payment, additional services not included in the standard service, the order (single, double, etc.). If you subsequently change your booking request, the Guest provides the hotel information no later than two days before arrival. Otherwise the hotel cannot guarantee availability.

The application shall be considered unconfirmed after written or verbal notification from the administrator of the reasons for the refusal.

Application is considered valid (confirmed) after receiving written confirmation from the hotel. The written confirmation contains information about the name of the hotel, the customer (the guest), the category of room booked and the price, booking conditions, terms of stay and the reservation number.

The hotel reserves the right to refuse bookings if specified in the request date, there are no available rooms.

5. In case of late cancellation, late arrival or non-arrival with a fee for the actual simple room (bed in the room), in the amount equal to the cost of accommodation nights in the room according to the rate. If you miss more than a day reservation is canceled and the guest accommodation at the hotel is made in the same queue.

Reservation cancelled by the hotel without penalty for the guest with written notice of not less than 2 (two) days of no-show or being late. The reservation will be considered cancelled upon receipt of written confirmation of cancellation from the hotel staff.

In the event of timely notice of the rescission of application for booking of a hotel room, payment made for the booking will be refunded in full.

6. Charged from the time of arrival specified in the application for booking rooms.

For stays of no more than half of the day (12 hours) will be charged for half a day.

For stays of no more than one day (24 hours) per day is charged.

7. For accommodation in hotel /family stay/ child under 5 years free of charge. In the event that the stay in the room for more than one child under 5 years charged as extra.

8. Number of the guests in living room should be not more than 2 people.

When moving at a guest's request for additional residents (maximum 2 persons) the rate is increased by 50% from a room rate for each additional accommodate. These persons must be registered in the General procedure.

9. Upon expiry of the agreed period the Guest is obliged to vacate the room. With the intention to extend the period of stay, you must inform the hotel no later than two hours before checkout time. Extension of stay is possible subject to availability of rooms (places), but within 60 days. In case of lack of free rooms (places) the hotel is entitled to refuse to extend the period of stay.

10. If the guest did not book a further stay in a hotel, he is given one hour free time to travel. In case of delayed departure, payment for accommodation is charged in the following order:

– up to 12 hours – payment for half of days;

– from 12 to 24 hours for a full day.

11. In the case of the Guest's departure from the room that you previously specified in the paid account period, the refund is carried out upon a written application installed Guest accommodation form, indicating the time of departure. For the first night of the Guest accommodation money will not be returned.

12. The guest is entitled to cancel the contract for the provision of services (for booking) at any time, paying for services rendered, and reimburse the losses caused by the termination of the contract.

13. The hotel is entitled to rescind the contract on rendering hotel services unilaterally or to refuse to extend the period of residence in case of violation of the rules of guest accommodation, delayed payment of hotel services, causing a guest of any damage to the hotel. At checkout, the Guest pays for the hotel services actually rendered to him in accordance with the Pricelist, and if any Guest of any damage to the hotel shall compensate him.

14. The right to extraordinary accommodation have: heroes of the Soviet Union, heroes of the Russian Federation, full Cavaliers of the order of Glory, prosecutors, employees of bodies of internal Affairs, the judiciary, tax authorities, employees of Federal bodies of governmental communication and information in the performance of their official duties, persons with disabilities 1 groups and persons accompanying them / not more than, other categories of citizens in accordance with current legislation of the Russian Federation.

15. At registration of hotel accommodation the citizen must present an identity document: the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation; birth certificate – for persons under 14 years of age; a passport certifying the identity of the citizen of the Russian Federation outside the Russian Federation – for persons residing outside the Russian Federation; the passport of a foreign citizen or other document established by Federal law or recognized in accordance with the international Treaty of the Russian Federation as identity document of foreign citizen; a document issued by a foreign state and recognized in accordance with the international Treaty of the Russian Federation as a document certifying identity of a stateless person; a temporary residence permit of a stateless person; residence permit of a stateless person.

16. When making accommodation the hotel registers the Guest and gives him a plastic key card that provides access in the room, the booked period of stay.

17. The hotel administration has the right to settle in the hotel of the persons under alcoholic or narcotic intoxication.

18. In the event of a temporary departure from the hotel Guest, who said about this administration and not pre-paid, lose their right to accommodation and subject to eviction.

19. Payment for accommodation and services provided at the hotel, including mortgage payments for the mini-bar, set in the price list approved by the hotel administration.

20. The guest shall pay the hotel and other services paid in full after their delivery to the Guest. With the consent of the Guest payment for hotel services can be made at the conclusion of the contract in full or in part.

21. Payment is made in rubles by cash, by Bank transfer under the agreement or with the use of payment by credit card (VISA or Master-Card).

Accommodation in the hotel is made only after pre-payment. Cashier's check, and act for the provision of services and the final bill for services rendered issued to guest at check-out.

22. In the absence of a guest at the place of stay more than one day or upon expiry of 6 hours since the onset of his checkout time, the hotel administration has the right to create the Commission, to make an inventory of the property found in the room, take out the property from the room. The property will be in the storage room.

23. At the request of the guests without additional payment the following services:

– call an ambulance and other special services;

– use first aid kit;

– room service or delivery of a staff of personal correspondence addressed to the Guest, on receiving;

– Wake-up call time;

– provision of sewing accessories, heater, one set of dishes and Cutlery;

– taxi call.

24. At the guest's request the hotel provides additional services, not included in the price of the room (space), in accordance with the approved administration of the price list. It is forbidden to condition the execution of certain services by performing other services.

25. Of the client served in the bar and restaurant located in the hotel, out of turn.

26. Maid service mandatory is done once a day.

27. Bed linen in hotel rooms – 1, 8,11 is made once a day, in other rooms – once in three days. On request, surcharge may be made for additional maid service and linen change.

28. The hotel is not responsible for the operation of urban public services: emergency shutdown of electric energy, thermal energy, water supply and the quality of their services.

29. Hotel "LOTOS" is responsible for the Guest's belongings, in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation. Hotel administration guarantees the safety of personal belongings of Guests staying in the room, except: money, valuables and securities, and precious things. On request the guest can use the safe for valuables, laptop and documents, which the hotel provides in each room free of charge. The guest who has discovered the loss, shortage or damage of their belongings, shall without delay inform of. Otherwise the hotel is relieved from responsibility for the safety of things.

30. In case of forgotten things the hotel administration immediately shall notify the owner of things. If the person entitled to request a forgotten thing, or his whereabouts are unknown, the hotel administration says the find to the police.

31. Guest can make free use of the Luggage storage to leave your belongings (Luggage).

32. Guest and staff should be mutually polite.

33. The guest is obliged:

– to use carefully the property and equipment of the hotels. In case of loss or damage to property of the hotel shall compensate the damage in accordance with the price list for damage to hotel property and civil legislation of the Russian Federation;

– for loss or damage to plastic key card guests are liable in the amount of 400 rubles;

– strictly follow the fire safety rules, Memo on fire safety and evacuation Plans are available in every room and on every floor;

– comply with policies of the hotel, cleanliness, quiet and public order and established Rules for the provision of hotel services and stay in the company "Hotel complex "Lotus";

– timely and fully pay all the hotel services and products of the Minibar, which are not included in the price and shall be paid by the guest separately;

– when you check in the room to pay attention to the list of property found in the room. In the absence of any subject matter or discovery of defect (breakage), you should immediately inform the administrator on duty.

34. Unauthorized persons in the buildings of the hotel are not allowed. On request the hotel allows visits by separate permit and the document proving their identity. The guest shall be responsible for the actions of their guests to their room visitors.

35. The guest for personal security and secure property when leaving the room is obliged to: close Windows, turn off electrical appliances, close the water taps, switch off electrical appliances, close the door to the room.

36. The hotel are PROHIBITED:

– leave unauthorized persons in your absence, and send them the room key (otherwise, the hotel is responsible for the safety of things in the room shall not be);

– keep bulky things, flammable materials, weapons without a permit, chemical and radioactive substances, mercury;

– use heating devices if it is not provided by the hotel room;

– to be in a state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication;

– to smoke in all premises of the hotel, including the rooms and public areas. Smoking in room will be charged a fine in the amount of 1,000 roubles, the penalty will be included in the bill of the guest upon departure;

– to take actions that violate the silence and peace of other Guests staying at the hotel;

– invite non-registered guests room;

– to keep a hotel of animals and birds.

37. When leaving the hotel the guest must make full payment for all rendered services, inform about your departure one hour before departure and hand over a plastic card-key.

38. "Book reviews and suggestions" is available at reception and is given to the guest upon request.

39. The wait staff must have signs indicating their position, surname, name and patronymic.

40. The hotel administration reserves the right to visit the rooms without the consent of the guest in case of smoke, fire, flooding, and in the event of breach by guest of this Order, public order, the order of use of appliances.

41. In case of violation of this Order, the administration of evicting the offender without recourse.

42. In the event of complaints from customers, the administration takes all possible measures to resolve the conflict under the legislation of the Russian Federation.

43. These rules of accommodation and hotel services in hotel "LOTOS" is developed in accordance with:

– The RF law "On protection of consumer rights" № 2300-1 from 07.02.1992.

– "Rules of hotel services in the Russian Federation" approved by the Decree of the government of 09.10.2015, No. 1085;

Law No. 115-FZ dated 25.07.02 of the year "On legal status of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation";

– By order dated 15.01.2007, No. 9 "On the procedure of migration registration of foreign citizens and persons without citizenship in the Russian Federation";

– The Federal law from 23.02.2013 № 15-FZ "About health protection of citizens from influence of surrounding tobacco smoke and consequences of tobacco consumption";

– RF Government resolution from 17.07.1995, No. 713 "On approval of Rules of registration and removal of citizens of the Russian Federation with registration accounting in a place of stay and residence within the Russian Federation and the list of persons responsible for receiving and sending in the registration authorities of documents for registration and deregistration of Russian citizens at the place of stay and residence within the Russian Federation.”

44. In cases not covered by this Order, the administration and the guest is guided by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

45. These Rules were made available to Guests from the front Desk service the rooms of hotel "LOTOS" and on the website of in information and telecommunications network "Internet".

46. The implementation of these Rules is obligatory for all Guests, and for employees of LOTOS.


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