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The Order of placement and accommodation in the hotel complex «Lotus»

The hotel is intended to serve as a temporary residence of citizens within the period agreed with the administration of the hotel, but not exceeding 60 days. At the end of the agreed period of residence, customers are obliged to vacate the room or a place at the request of the administration.

If a customer wishes to extend the period of residence beyond the previously agreed with the administration of the hotel, one must declare this to the administration of the hotel no later than two hours before checkout time. In the presence of vacant rooms the hotel may extend the period of residence, but within 60 days. If the customer did not book the further accommodation, the hotel provides one hour of free time for departure.

For each additional hour of accommodation in the hotel the customer will be charged a fine in amount of 10% of the room rate.

The right for the accommodation out of turn have: Heroes of the Soviet Union, Heroes of the Russian Federation, holders of the Order of Glory, members of the prosecution, police officers, members of the judiciary, employees of tax authorities, employees of federal bodies of government communications and information (in the performance of their official duties), people with disabilities of high level and persons accompanying them (no more than one person), other categories of citizens in accordance with current legislation of the Russian Federation.

During the procedure of registration in the hotel the citizen must possess a passport, military ID, identity card, or another document issued in prescribed manner which confirms the identity of the citizen.

The hotel works for twenty-four-hours.

Prices for accommodation and services in the hotel, including mortgage payments for a mini-bar are set in the price list and approved by the Administration of the hotel.
Settlement is made in Russian roubles by cash, by bank transfer under the agreement or with the use of payment cards. The check-in of the guest is made after payment for accommodation and putting up a pledge for mini-bar made in advance. Fiscal receipt and the final bill for services provided are issued at check-out.

Payment for accommodation will be charged from the date of setting of the guest in the room.
When staying less than half of the day (12 hours) rates are set per half of the day.
When staying no more than one day (24 hours) rates are set per full day.
In case of delayed departure accommodation fee is charged in the following order:

up to 12 hours — rates are set per half of the day;
from 12 up to 24 hours — rates are set per full day.

Accommodation of children under the age of 7 years (accommodation with the family) is free of charge.

Number of people residing in the room should not exceed 2 persons. In case of settlement of additional residents (maximum 2 persons) cost of living increases for 50% of room rate for each additional person. These persons must be registered in the general procedure.

Accommodation booking is made by the hotel administration both by use of contracts or through adoption of the established form of application by mail, telephone or other electronic means of communication.

Payment for hotel reservation is charged from persons who arrived at the hotel in the amount of 10% of the reserved room rate for full day, regardless whether individual or group booking request is made. At delay of arriving, except for booking fees, citizens are also charged for factual downtime of the room, but no more than one day. In case if the customer denies paying booking fees, check-in is made on a first-come first-served basis.

The customer may terminate the contract for the provision of services (for booking) at any time by paying for the services provided (booking, hotel services), and reimbursing losses caused by the termination of the contract at the amount of 10% of not provided, but booked services. The losses mentioned are not reimbursed on condition of prior notification of the hotel administration of one's desire to terminate the contract, made no later than 2 days in advance.

Administration of the hotel provides the following free of charge services:

calling to Emergency Medical Service;
use of the first aid kit;
immediate delivery of personal correspondence;
early morning call at a certain time;
taxi service;
provision of sewing accessories, electric kettle, heater, set of dishes and cutlery.

At the request the customer is provided with additional paid services, in accordance to the price list approved by the hotel administration. It is strictly prohibited to condition fulfilment of certain services by performing other services.

Customers of the hotel are provided by service in the bar and restaurant located on the territory of the hotel out of turn.

Maid service is held once a day on a mandatory basis.

Changing of bed linen in hotel rooms — 1, 8.11 is made once a day, in other rooms — once in three days.

At the request of the guest, for an additional fee, may be performed an additional maid service and linen change.
The hotel is not bear responsibility for work of urban public services: emergency shutdown of electricity and thermal energy, water supply and quality of their services.

Hotel administration guarantees safety of luggage which was brought in the hotel, except for money, other foreign exchange assets, securities and other valuables.

At the request the hotel offers safe deposit box for additional charge.
In case of detection of the lost property the administration of the hotel immediately informs the owner. If a possessor of the lost proprietary or his disposition is unknown the administration of the hotel informs the police about the finding.

The customer and staff of the hotel should be mutually polite.

The customer of the hotel is obliged to:

take care of the property and equipment of the hotel. In case of loss or damage to property of the hotel reimburse in accordance with the price list for damage to hotel property and the civil legislation of the Russian Federation;
in case of loss or damage to a plastic key card the customer is charged fine in amount of 200 roubles;
strictly follow fire safety rules. Reminders for fire safety are available in every room.
smoking in rooms is strictly prohibited. For smoking in the hotel room a fine in amount of 1,000 roubles will be charged;
comply the order of staying at the hotel, cleanliness, quietness and public order in the rooms and in the hotel;
timely and fully pay for all hotel services provided and products of the mini bar;
drinks in the mini bar are not included in the rate of the room and are charged separately;
on arrival in the room pay attention to the list of property located in the room. In the absence of any object or to detect the defect (breakage), you should immediately inform the administrator on duty.

Unauthorized persons are not permitted to enter residential buildings of the hotel. At the request the administration of the hotel allows visits in accordance with separate permit.

Leaving the room the guest is obliged to close the windows, faucets, turn off the lights, radio, TV and close the room.

Customers of the hotel are PROHIBITED:

keep unauthorized persons in the room in their absence, as well as to give them their room key (otherwise, the hotel is not responsible for safety of guests' property);
to keep in the room massive items, flammable materials, weapons, chemical and radioactive substances, mercury;
use heating devices if it is not provided by the hotel room;
to be in a state of alcohol or drug intoxication;
disturb the comfort of guests staying in the neighbouring rooms;
to keep animals or birds in the hotel.

At check-out the customer is required to make full settlement for all services provided to him, to inform the administration about his departure one hour before check-out and return the plastic key card.

If the customer did not book a further accommodation, he is given one hour of free time to check-out and make full settlement. For each extra hour spent in the hotel the customer will be charged a fine in amount of 10 % of the room rate.

In case of violation of the present Order the violator will be evicted from the hotel in an indisputable manner.

The «Feedback and Suggestions Book» is kept by the hotel administrator and is given at request.

Service staff of the hotel must possess badges with indication of their position, surname, first name and patronymic.

The hotel administration has the right to visit the room without agreement with the customer in case of smoke, fire, flooding, and in case of violation of the present Order, Public Order and order of use of household appliances.

The hotel has the right to terminate the contract for the provision of hotel services, or to refuse unilaterally to extend the period of residence in case of violation of the order of the customer stay, delayed payment of hotel services, material damage to the hotel caused by the customer.

In the absence of the customer in his place of residence more than one day, or within 6 hours after the onset of his checkout time, the hotel has the right to create a commission to make an inventory of property located in the room, bring the property out of the room. The property will be in the service department.

In case of complaints from customers, the administration takes all possible steps to resolve the conflict under the laws of the Russian Federation.

In cases not covered by this Order, the administration and the customer are guided by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

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